Buying Food While Ensuring Food Safety

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December 28, 2016

Buying Food While Ensuring Food Safety

Food Safety has always been one of the issues of great importance to both producers and consumers and the government. Lack of assurance of food safety can cause foodborne illnesses and outbreaks that can endanger the lives of many.

The Food Industry plays a vital role in producing the public with safe food, and this is also regulated by government agencies by setting food safety standards done through monitoring and inspections of processing plants and products both from local and imports.

While the government and the food industry is designed to ensure food safety for the public, as consumers there are still things that you can do to ensure that the food you purchase and consume is safe. Now, how do you know that the food you purchase is safe to eat?


Inspect the food premises

Always be mindful of where you buy or eat food. It pays to take effort in checking out where it is being served or displayed. Is the place kept clean and free from pests and other forms of contamination or not? However, cleanliness is not the only basis for food safety. The handling, preparation and the personnel are also important factors that you need to consider.

Is the food stored in right storage conditions? Is the food newly prepared and hot or kept before serving? If you can see the actual preparation of the food, are the food prepared in a hygienic, and free from cross-contamination? Are the staff preparing for the food follows hygienic standards like wearing hair restraints, washing hands, trimmed nails and clean uniforms? If you can attest that these are done, then you can be assured the food will be safe for you to eat.


Choose What You Buy

Always inspect the food item before purchasing it. Do not buy products with torn packaging, dents and any forms of damages. Never buy products with leaking containers and packages, torn or tampered seals and swollen cans. Always check the labels of the product especially the use by date and do not buy the product if the labels tamper.

Check the food for any forms of spoilage such as bad and unusual smell, molds and discoloration. These signs only indicate that pathogens have already started to grow in them and can cause food poisoning when eaten.


Food Safety When Shopping

When shopping in the grocery store, shop non-perishable food first before going to the raw or perishable goods. Place in the cart separately the raw goods from the perishable ones to avoid cross-contamination. Keep them away especially from those goods with chemicals such as detergent and pesticides.

When it comes to food safety, it will always be a big deal. Your safety is not something that you should compromise. Even if the government, producers, and sellers have the biggest role in ensuring the safety of food, once the food is purchased, the safety of the food becomes your responsibility to make sure that it stays safe for consuming or for storage.


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